Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Committee?

Does anyone else think this so called "super committee" is a testament to how dysfunctional and useless our federal government has become? The United States is currently operating on a $1.3 trillion dollar annual budget deficit, and this panel of "super dunces" can't agree on $1.2 trillion to trim from the budget over the next ten years! Its infuriating. To these politicians its no longer about what is going to be best for the country, its about reelection. Politicians ought to be focused on returning the U.S. to fiscal sustainability. Instead, our "leaders" have become frightened of potential negative political implications involved with doing what is necessary to maintain solvency and restore confidence to the economy. Meanwhile, the markets are highly volatile, the economy remains uncertain, and there is a general nervousness among the American public. Until we can elect some politicians that can demonstrate some political will and live within their means I will be nervous about the future health and prosperity of our nation.

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